Capabilities & Technologies

Advanced moulding techniques, a variety of decorative options and a first-rate facilities keep Sunrise Plastic products a cut above the competition

Injection blow Moulding

IBM is used for the production of hollow objects on a mass scale. The main applications are bottles, jars & other containers. The IBM process produces bottles of a superior visual and dimensional quality as compared to Extrusion Blow Moulding.

Injection blow Moulding Overview

Common Products For Injection Blow Molding

  • Jars, Bottles
  • Ovals, Cylinders & Boston Rounds
  • Pill Bottles
  • Roll-on Deodorants
  • eye droppers

Advantages Of Injection Blow Moulding

  • high dimensional accuracy
  • Cost efficient
  • Mass scale production
  • Injection moulded neck
  • Saves resources
  • No scrap
  • low weight fluctuation
  • Good material distribution consistency
  • High cavitation capability with smaller bottle sizes