Industries we serve

Cleanliness and care, always within your reach

Personal care

Sunrise Plastic’s closures, bottles and jars hold some of the most recognized products on your home’s shelves.Our Company always seeks innovative ways to create customized as well as standard packaging solutions.

We manufacture personal care product containers with or without labels and offer other decorative options like hot foil stamping, screen printing and heat transfer.

Home care

Sunrise bottles and closures are used for a broad product range of home care and technical products; frommulti-purpose cleaning products, surface cleaners to paint buckets.

Closures and bottles are created with extra features like child resistant and tamper evident, to keep your family safe from hazardous materials. Sunrise Plastic has the right packaging solution to suit all needs from commercial giants to bespoke labels.

Safety and reliability where it matters most

Sunrise Plastic has a long-standing partnership with Pakistan’s pharmaceutical industry.
Decades of honing our technological capabilities ensures that the products needed by our clients are delivered every time.

Sunrise Plastic caters to specialized requirements of pharmaceutical firms with FDA- approved resins and colorants for standard and custom packaging. Our expertise in creating packaging with moisture, light or chemical barriers, ease of opening, child resistance and portability, make Sunrise a leading packager of syrups, tablets, topical ointments powders and more.

Keeping the essentials fresh and delicious

Rigorous packaging standards are integral to the food and beverage industry. Manufacturers and customers must always keep in mindthe fine balance of food safety, product shelf life, consumer convenience and package costs in their packaging requirements.

Sunrise Plastic’s HDPE bottles, PET bottles, PET preforms are specifically designed with liquid food applications in mind. Be it dairy, carbonated or non-carbonated beverages, Sunrise offers a range of standard and customized closures, bottles and jars.

We work hard to create products that ensureyour sodas keep their fizz and that your milk stays fresh for longer. Also in our catalogue are tailored tea leaf jars, which ensure that the Nation’s most popular drink stays dry and protected. Sunrise also offers ice-cream containers and yoghurt cups in a variety of sizes that create a snug seal every time your family reaches for their favorite dessert.